Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park is located in the Satpura ranges in Madhya Pradesh, and is known as one of the pristine jungles of the country. Satpura derives its names from the Sanskrit name of the Satpura hill ranges which means seven mountains. Spread over different altitudes from 300 meters to 1400 meters (the highest point being the Dhoopgarh peak), it comprises of PanchmariBori and Madai sanctuaries which makes it to be the Satpura National Park.
The national park offers you a panoramic view of the great mountain peaks, impeccable waterfalls, calm streams and dense valley (home to early human civilization) and rivulets, making it one of the best parks to visit. Denwa River is known as the key lifeline of the park and boat ride often adds an extra star to the enigmatic charm of the park. Sone River also plays a pivotal role, fulfilling the needs of the jungle. Tawa Dam, which is built on the Tawa River, provides extended channels of DenwaSonbhadraNaini and Wagdwari Rivers, making sure there is ample of water availability to all the residents of the forest.
One has the range of safaris to choose from such as jeep safari, elephant safari, boat safari, to explore the alluring jungle. One could also walk to the core of the jungle during the nature park, taking a closer look of the charming flora and fauna that resides here. Boat ride offers a great opportunity to see crocodiles and animals grazing on the water banks.

Flora & Fauna

One of the most beautiful and famous National Park in Madhya Pradesh, Satpura is completely bestowed with incredible biological diversity. Forest types range from dry thorn to tropical dry deciduous, moist deciduous and semi evergreen forests as well. One can find over 1300 species of plantation here comprising of Sal, Teak, Tendu, Phyllanthus emblica (Amla), Mahua, Bel, Bamboo, Grasses and some other medicinal plants. Authorities of the region have taken steps to support the harmony of the rich essence of diverse flora that resides here.

Satpura is home to a number of species besides the majestic Tiger. The largest number of animals are widely found here such as Leopards, Wild dogs (dhole), Sloth bear, Sambar, Wild boar, Chital and Langur. One of the salient features of the park is the Malabar Giant Squirrel, which is only found here and nowhere else in Madhya Pradesh. Nilgai, Four-horned Antelope, Chinkara, Bison (Indian gaur), Smooth Otter, Black buck, Chowsinga, Indian fox, Porcupine, Flying Squirrel, Pangolin, Mouse Deer etc. can also be seen here.

An ideal birding destination for the bird-watcher, lot of beautiful and migratory birds such as Malabar pied Hornbill, Malabar whistling thrush, Indian skimmer and more, are largely found here. Some common species include Jungle fowls, Quails, Partridges, Pigeons, Doves, Parakeets, Bee eaters, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Owls, Myna, Munia, Bulbull, Paradise flycatcher, Sparrows, Egrets, Vultures, Falcon, Eagle and several others. Satpura also takes pride in being home to a variety of species of butterflies.

Satpura Weather

Satpura has a pleasant weather all-round the year.

Situated in a hilly region, summers (Mar-Jun) are not more than 40 degrees with an average temperature of around 32 degrees.

During monsoons (Jul-Sep) the park remains closed during this time as Satpura witnesses moderate rain

With winters (Oct-Feb), temperature in the region goes down as low to 6 degrees, with an average temperature around 20 degrees.

How to reach

By Road

The main gate of the Satpura National Park is Madhai entrance gate, which is about 18 kms inside from Jabalpur – Hoshangabadroad. One can reach Bhopal or Jabalpur by air or train and drive to Madhai entrance gate of Satpura National Park.

Additional info
Satpura National Park to Bhopal via NH 69 – 180 kms (5 hours)
Satpura National Park to Jabalpur via NH 69 – 360 kms (8 hours)

By Rail

Satpura falls enroute of Howrah – Mumbai rail track. It has nearby railway stations like Sohagpur (18 kms), Hoshangabad (45 kms), Itarsi (65 kms) and Pipariya (40 kms). One may also take a train to Bhopal (210 kms) and drive from there.

Additional info
Satpura National Park to Sohagpur Railway Station – 4 hours
Satpura National Park to Hoshangabad Railway Station – 3 hours
Satpura National Park to ItarsiJunction – 3 hours
Satpura National Park to Pipariya Railway Station – 4 hours

By Air

The nearest airport to Satpura is at Bhopal which is 210 kms(5 hours) and other airport close by is at Jabalpur which is 260 kms (7 hours). Both the airports have direct flight connectivity with major cities such as Delhi and Mumbai.

Additional info
Bhopal to Delhi – 1 hour and 30 minutes
Bhopal to Mumbai – 1 hour 30 minutes
Jabalpur to Delhi – 1 hour and 30 minutes
Jabalpur to Mumbai – 2 hour

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